Companies’s internal conflicts are generating stress and result in enormous costs (decreased productivity and absenteeism).

Not only Companies have to designate a Person of Trust but they also have to set-up appropriate internal conflicts management procedures trusted by employees. Employees have to be duly informed and trained on those procedures.

Conflicts Prevention & Management

  • Conseils

    • Analyses et missions d’audits
    • Revue et rédaction de procédures
    • Assistance dans la mise en oeuvre de telles procédures
  • Formations

    • Sur les thèmes liés aux conflits du travail tel que, notamment, la prévention et la gestion des conflits et des risques psychosociaux, le harcèlement sexuel et psychologique, la gestion du stress.

Require an audit of your internal conflicts management systems? Require training?

Setting-up a performing conflicts management system

Conflicts management procedure

Employees have to be duly informed of the existence of these procedures and trained on their content. Such procedures must be easily accessible and understandable.


Employees must be trained on psychosocial risks related issues such as, notably, sexual and moral (mobbing) harassment, conflicts management, burn-out etc.

Independent Compliance Body

Companies must ensure that their employees whose personal integrity has been violated can file a complaint with an internal or external independent body and request the opening of an investigation.

As Lawyer and Compliance professional, I assist companies in the analysis, audit, drafting and set-up of conflicts management procedures. I also deliver training to employees on conflicts and psychosocial risks management and notably, on sexual and moral harassment issues.

I also advise Companies on labor related questions, using a legal, business and strategic vision.