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Under Swiss law, Companies have to protect their employees’ health and take all necessary measures to prevent psychosocial risks at work, and in particular, sexual and moral (mobbing) harassment.

In a decision taken in 2011, the Federal Tribunal considered art. 6 LTR and 2 OTR3 and confirmed that Companies shall appoint an internal or external Person of Trust as per the SECO recommendation to protect the well-being of employees.

The appointment of a Person of Trust

  • Build Trust

    • Protects  confidentiality of discussions & anonymity of people involved
    • Builds trust with employees
    • Is hierarchically independent from the employer
  • Training

    • Conflicts management, mediation and coaching,
    • Legal and/or psychology background, notably on moral and sexual harassment issues

Require a Person of Trust ?

The Person of Trust Role

Support Employees

The Person of Trust helps employees to resolve their workplace issues in a fully confidential and anonymous manner.

That covers any type of workplace issues such as, for example, conflicts, misunderstandings, harassment, mobbing, burn-out, stress, demotivation, workload issues, isolation, exclusion, fear, violence, constraint etc.

Reporting & Assessment

While maintaining full confidentiality and anonymity of cases brought to her, the Person of Trust provides feedback (annual report, meetings etc.) to Companies in order to identify trends and issues related to workplace issues, including potential future issues.


The Person of Trust participates in the set-up of a strong prevention and conflicts management program. That entails informing and training employees on work-related topics, encouraging them to speak up and ensure they feel protected within the Organization.

As an experienced Person of Trust, legal, mediation and conflicts management professional, familiar with the corporate world, I am able to propose to Companies and employees an efficient person of trust service.