Under Swiss law, the employer shall take all necessary measures to ensure and enhance the protection of health and to ensure the physical and mental health of his employees. He must therefore prevent and address psychosocial risks.

Internal Investigations

  • Address Psychosocial Risks

    • Any employee’s allegation of personal integrity violation
    • In particular, any work-related allegation of sexual or moral (mobbing) harassment
  • Protect Employees

    • Act quickly and appropriately to stop the violation
    • Protect the presumed victim as well as the person accused
    • Mandate an external investigator (as advised by SECO)
  • Prevention

    • Identify risks
    • Audit internal processes and policies
    • Propose adapted prevention measures

Require an internal investigation ?

Investigation Process


The internal investigation aims at establishing whether the allegations or reported facts are true and to establish the facts.

Conclusions and recommendations resulting form such investigation will aim at ensuring the Companies respect the law while preserving the rights of every person involved.


The investigator is expected to familiarize himself/herself with the Company’s values, organization and processes, to interview the plaintiff(s), the identified person(s) and eventual witnesses, to analyse the file and to draft a final investigation report with related recommendations.

Investigation Report

The investigation report is delivered to the client, including practical recommendations. Their objective is to address the specific issues or concerns and to end the eventual problem but also to propose efficient and adapted preventive measures.

As a legal and Compliance professional with a solid experience in internal audits and investigations in Swiss labor law, I guarantee my clients a very solid and impartial investigation work, complying with applicable law.